San Francisco Music Together offers 3 locations: Inner Sunset, Outer Sunset, The Haight, and Online.

General FAQ

  • A digital download using the Hello Everybody app, a songbook, and CD for the car are all included in the price! You get new award-winning song collections that change each semester for 3 years. The songs vary, to keep variety and stimulation for your child's brain, along with a few songs that are done every class for stability. You get to take the music home!
  • Are the classes appropriate for 2.5 to 5 years old? Yes! Developmentally our classes are truly designed for ages 0 - 5. "Big kids" are in the perfect place to learn pitch and rhythm in a stimulating environment. If they so desire they get a special opportunity to be engaged in the class in a way that helps the imaginative process and leadership skills. Plus they learn about community building and socialization.
  • Why mixed-age classes? Research at the Music Together®® center in Hopewell, New Jersey has shown that mixed ages classes are the best for a child and for the whole family.
    The children learn from one another in this family setting. The infants look up to the bigger kids as role models and become entranced with the older children. The older children can become helpers in class, learn to be nurturing and can become a "role model." Parents let go of comparing children of the same age and simply relax into the family environment.
  • Is my infant too young? NO! Bring your infant! We have had hundreds of infants that started with us at 2 months or 2 weeks! It is amazing to watch infants develop musically as they stay with us for semester after semester. Research shows that 0 - 8 months is a powerful time for your child to absorb basic pitch and rhythm. Infants begin to gently move to the rhythm of the music, make sounds that are on pitch and many other beautiful pre-verbal responses.
  • Should my infant take a mixed ages class or a babies class As infants become toddlers they have had the advantage of starting so young with the classes and are, therefore, much more comfortable in a musical environment. Both babies classes and mixed ages classes are appropriate for infants. Most infants join our mixed ages classes, but either one is perfect for your infant!
  • How long does it take to develop basic pitch and rhythm? The Music Together program is designed to take 3 to 5 years in a relaxed, non-performance oriented setting. However, each child develops at their own pace and there is no prescribed formula.
  • Are you a drop-in program? We are not a drop-in program. We intentionally create a consistent environment for your child to get to know the teachers and the other children in their class. For liability & safety purposes all children that are relatives, friends, etc. will not be able to attend unless they are registered with our center. 
  • What about older sibling drop-ins? We generally cannot allow for older sibling drop-ins, as our classes tend to be totally booked up. We have to limit our class sizes for safety purposes and allow the space for make-ups for registered children. We prefer that you make an effort to make other arrangements for your older sibling.  You can schedule sibling drop-in if If a class has space and you cannot find another arrangement and If you have arranged it and gotten approval from the office. Then you can pay a $25.00 drop-in fee for each older sibling. You can pay using our store.
  • Easy Muni access: 6,71, 43, 37 and N Judah are within blocks from our central locations and there is easy daytime street parking.
  • Please feel free to email us with questions!